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The concept of the WVEPAH programs and the general structure of WVEPAH courses are shown at the  Study Program section.

The Poultry branch offers the following specificities for its programs:
Module I courses are available only online. Module II courses are offered in a hybrid format, including an online portion and a residential week with one of the associated training centers all over the world.

The poultry branch is the only one offering courses in three languages.

Requirements to register for the Poultry program include having a university degree in veterinary or agronomic studies and having worked in the poultry sector for a minimum of three years. It should be noted that only graduates in veterinary medicine are eligible for the Certificate exams, according to the rules of the WOAH, but all participants receive an attestation certificate of participation. Refresher courses for specific subjects are planned.


Eligible participants, after passing the various exams, can obtain the “Professional Certificate in Animal Health:  Poultry Production” (PCAHPP).

Study duration
The minimum length of the Certificate program is one year and must not exceed 5 years. It consists of online and residential modules, written work, and the supervised acquisition of practical experience during the participant’s professional activities between modules.
Number of hours
For the Certificate, a minimum of 160 course hours and 40 ECTS credits are required. The details of the hours and credits required for work outside of the course hours are specified in the Certificate section.
Written tasks
Participants also complete clinical cases from their field work in a provided format, as well as in-depth clinical case reports. These cases and reports are very important – they represent half of the marks required for certification.
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