Admission requirements

Candidates must hold a degree from a university, or an equivalent recognized institution of higher education, in veterinary medicine or animal sciences. If the diploma is not in one of the official languages of the WVEPAH – English, French or Spanish – a certified translation must be provided.

Candidates must already have experience in the field of poultry farming. Non-veterinarian participants will attend the same program and will benefit from the same services as those provided to veterinarians. However, as they are not under the authority of the WOAH, they will not be able to take the Certificate exam. At the end of each module, all participants will receive an ‘Attestation of Participation’ (subject to meeting certain criteria).


How to register for the Certificate Program?

Registration is done online for each available course. Please see the ‘Courses’ section.

Also, you will find some details in the general WVEPAH Registration page

1. Personal Identification
A copy of your passport or identity card.
A passport style photo.
2. Proof of qualifications
A certified copy of your university degree – or a certified copy of the translation if it is in a language other than English, French, or Spanish.
3. Proof of health insurance
A copy of a private health insurance contract valid for the duration of the course – applicable only if the face-to-face part takes place in a country other than your country of residence.
4. Letter attesting to required professional activity
Duration of poultry activity, position, job responsibilities, name and type of clients, company or institution.
5. A detailed CV
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