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From 2021
WVEPAH, in collaboration with the Université de Montréal (FMV, UdeM), is authorized by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) to train and certify experts in Production Animal Health: Poultry, Swine, Aquatic and Laboratory Animals. The poultry branch has been running successfully since 2014.

WVEPAH offers online and hybrid courses. The Module I course is only available online, bringing high flexibility and reduced costs to the participants. They can follow the prerecorded conferences at their own pace and take the exam towards the end of the year. 

On the other hand, the Module II courses are held in a hybrid format : some lectures are available online while others, including the practical work, autopsies, industry visits and most of the exchanges between colleagues and Course Masters, are covered in person during the residential part of the module. The residential portion of the Module II courses lasts 5 days, taking place at the facilities of one of our partner universities around the world. The benefits gained from this enhanced opportunity for interactions along with the network established by participants will last well after the end of the course.
Our modules are offered either in English, French or Spanish. The Course Masters are internationally recognized experts in a wide range of Poultry health and production fields. At the end of each module, an online multiple-choice exam is administered by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Université de Montréal.

Participants who have completed the Module I course, one of our 4 Module II courses, and have submitted 25 clinical case reports or three short review papers are eligible for the postgraduate diploma, issued by the Université de of Montréal, with the Regulations component validated by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Our 2024 program offer modules in our three working languages and in-person sessions in at least two locations.

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Training programs and certifications for professionals

WVEPAH is a non-profit organization providing high-quality post-graduate training for professionals in various fields of animal production.

If you are a professional working in poultry health and production, take advantage of this opportunity to improve your knowledge and have your skills officially validated with an internationally recognized academic diploma – the regulatory part of which is validated by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH). Graduates obtain ‘de facto’ the status of international expert.

A high quality of training is guaranteed by small groups of participants, real case studies, modern facilities, practical workshops, and internationally recognized teachers. Learn from the best in the world with: “training programs for professionals, by professionals”.

Dakar, Sénégal

Guadalajara, Mexico
Central America

Mexico-City, Mexico
Central America

Lima, Peru
South America

Curitiba, Brazil
South America

Gaborone, Botswana

Nairobi, Kenya


Tunis, Tunisia

Toulouse, France

Utrecht, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Bangkok, Thailand

Shanghai, China

Manilla, Philippines

St-Hyacinthe, Canada
North America
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About the poultry branch

The WVEPAH was established in 2010, with the support of the WOAH, in response to the recognized needs for more training of professionals in the field of production animals and for the validation of the acquisition of higher skill sets through a standardized examination process.

Due to the recognized needs within the poultry sector, the WVEPAH Poultry branch was the first branch developed. Today, the role of the WVEPAH is well-known in this field.

WVEPAH Poultry Branch has now about sixty graduates, hundreds of participants and an incredible network all over the world.

It also has a presence in 13 locations and host universities.

We are also extremely proud of the contribution WVEPAH brings to the One Health approaches to combat some of the most urgent challenges facing the world.

At the end of a program, participants will be able to immediately apply what they have learned to help them in their jobs.

Participants who wish to validate their knowledge through a university diploma can take the internationally recognized Certificate examinations, validated at the international level by WOAH.

The Postgraduate diploma delivered by the Université de Montréal requires successful participation in Module I, ‘Key Disciplines in Poultry Health/Regulation Module WOAH’, as well as at one of the 4 specialized modules (Broiler chickens and breeders, Egg Layers, Turkeys and Waterfowl) and the validation of 25 clinical cases (or 3 short review papers).

Level of expertise of professionals in poultry production

Poultry professionals are employed in various fields around the world, including, including veterinary medicine, education and the pharmaceutical and agri-food sectors.

However, depending on past work experiences and educational background, the level of expertise of poultry professionals will vary greatly across various fields of poultry production and health.

While professionals have their own individual strengths, they must see the international standards required by the World Organisation for Animal Health in all areas of poultry production, to reach the status of expert. 
The table below summarizes the levels of competencies of 120 participants from 22 countries, during previous WVEPAH-WOAH courses. Depending on their current function and day-to-day work, the table clearly emphasizes variable levels of competency across various areas of poultry production.

Levels of expertise in poultry production

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