The WVEPAH was established in 2010, with the support of the WOAH, in response to the recognized need for more training for professionals in the field of production animals and the validation of the acquisition of higher skill sets through a standardized examination process.

Due to the acknowledged priority need within the poultry sector, the WVEPAH Poultry branch was the first branch to be developed. Now the role of the WVEPAH is well known in this field. 

WVEPAH Poultry Branch has now some sixty graduates, hundreds of participants and an incredible network all over the world.

It also has a presence in 13 locations and host universities.

We are also extremely proud of the contribution WVEPAH brings to the One Health  approach to combat some of the most urgent challenges facing the world..
At the end of a program, participants will be able to immediately apply what they have learned to help them in their job.

Participants who wish to validate their knowledge through a university diploma can take the internationally recognized Certificate examinations, validated at the international level by WOAH.

The ‘Professional Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production’ (PCAHPP) delivered by the Université de Montréal requires the successful participation in the Module I, ‘Key Disciplines in Poultry Health/Regulation Module WOAH’, as well as one of the 4 specialized modules (Broilers, Egg Layers, Turkeys or Waterfowl Health and Production) and the completion of 25 clinical cases (or 3 short thesis or audits).


The WVEPAH is a non-profit organization for continuing professional development. It recruits teachers, verifies the legitimacy of the participants’ qualifications and CVs, provides logistical support (registration, course location organization in collaboration with the local host university, management etc.). The Université de Montréal is responsible for ensuring quality standards and compliance with academic rules and for issuing the diplomas. The course masters are responsible for the course content, the structure of which is consistent with the WVEPAH’s pedagogy. The latter is described under “Study Programs”.
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