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Módulo I - Disciplinas clave en la sanidad/regulación avícola Módulo WOAH (OIE)

08 Enero 2024
15 Diciembre 2024
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Idioma del curso: Inglés
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Información general del curso

  • This course, ?Key Disciplines in Poultry Health ? Regulation Module WOAH (OIE)?, provides an overview of the major infectious and non-infectious diseases during the various stages of broiler chickens, layers, turkeys and waterfowl production.
  • The course provides participants with an update on the essential elements of health, nutrition, and good productivity of poultry flock.
  • This course also allows participants to understand and apply the regulatory aspects of the WOAH (formerly known as OIE), contributing to Una Salud
  • The course will be delivered in English by a world-class team of Course Masters.
  • In preparation for the course, participants are expected to do 6 hours of preparatory work reviewing the videos available on the Cornell University website (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzf8tGKj10zzE5jXlhAxw5Z7UaPJV6aIB)
  • In order to access the course notes and the lectures recorded by the Course Masters, participants must be enrolled and have paid all fees.
  • There will be 2-hour blocks with the Course Masters, a month or more after the start of the availability of the course notes and presentations.
  • If a Course Master teaches multiple courses, we will try to group the online part of all their courses together.
  • There will be an online exam with the support of the University of Montreal. This will be a multiple-choice exam, a few days after the end of the course.
  • Please note, minor changes may be made to this program.


Dr. Vincent Guyonnet (CA)
2 horas

Global challenges and overview of Poultry sector

Dr. Mohamed Hafez (GE)
4 horas

Important diseases related to public health

1 hora

Avian influenza

1 hora

Newcastle diseases

Dr. Neil Duncan (RSA)
1 hora

Most important poultry diseases in the world

1 hora

the importance of histopathology and review of the avian specificity

Dr. Robert Gauthier (CA)
5 hours

Cost of poultry diseases: impact of main factors (water quality, environment, feed ingredients etc.)

Dra. Hilde vanMeirhaeghe (BE)
1 hora

Animal welfare in poultry production

4 horas

The importance of intestinal health in poultry: external and internal parasites

1 hora

Genetic selection, evolution and how to reach genetic potential

1 hora

Management of communication during a sanitary crisis

Dr. Daniel Venne (CA)
4 horas

Understanding biochemical parameters and thein influence

2 horas

Hatching eggs and hatchery

Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt (CA)
8 hours

Epidemiology, risk factors and biosecurity

Dr. Peter Plumstead (RSA)
3 horas

Nutrition management

Dr. Eric Parent (CA)
4 horas

Antibiotics and antibioresistance

Dr. Stéphane Lemière (FR)
7 horas

Vaccination techniques and programs

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